YouTube users have questions for the Democrats

It wasn’t celebrity death match, but Monday’s Democratic presidential debate was entertaining, thanks to questions posed by YouTube users via Web videos.
Bonus: The candidates had to make their own videos. (Check out John Edwards combing his expensive haircut to the tune of “I Feel Pretty.”)
Here are eight of our favorites. See the videos on
Watch how the Republicans handle their YouTube debate Sept. 17.
1 The What-We’re-All-Thinking Guy
Snarky guy opens by asking the eight politicians if they could actually answer questions rather than beating around the (wait for it…) Bush?”
2 The Snowman
Asks about global warming, of course.
3 The Rednecks
Comedians ask about whether all the attention paid to Al Gore hurts the candidates’ feelings.
4 The Heavy Metal song
Poses a question about No Child Left Behind through song.
5 The Proud Gun Parent
A man from Michigan asks if candidates want to take away his “baby” — an assault rifle.
6 The Obama Question
Are you black enough?
7 The Hillary Question
Are you feminine enough?
8 That Question’s Been in the Bathroom!
Indeed, a woman posed a question from her bathroom.
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