Cancer scare over food colour added to sausages and burgers

A European food watchdog said it was no longer safe to eat products containing the additive Red 2G after tests showed it caused cancer in rats and mice.

A dye added to sausages and burgers to make them look fresher was at the centre of a cancer scare last night.

The red dye - also known as E128 - is most often used in cheap sausages and burgers to give the impression of a higher meat content.

The warning was issued by the European Food Safety Authority which said the colourant was a "safety concern".

Under current European Union food laws, limited amounts of Red 2G are permitted for use only in certain types of sausages and burger meat.

But food industry sources said these included nearly all burgers and sausages sold in Britain. Read the whole story>>>
Hmmm... beware to those who loves fast foods, you might get cancers to those burgers and sausages that you love to eat.
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