How to Find What You Love to Do

People working in jobs they hate, feeling trapped because they can’t quit as they rely on that sole source of income to finance a lifestyle tailored to escape their grim reality, drifting aimlessly in life, in short, leading lives of quiet desperation, as so eloquently put by Henry David Thoreau.
Why don’t they just quit their jobs and pursue what they love to do you ask?
Two Reasons.
Reason #1: They don’t know what they love to do.
Reason #2: Fear. They’ve got a lifestyle to uphold, bills to pay for, families to take care of, fear of no steady source of income, fear of what other people might think or say about them, etc. Fear.

These are just two reasons why we just can't quit our current job in order to do what we really love to do. Find out more HERE to read and know "How to Find What You Love to Do" and get out of your pathetic lives spending whole day in the four corner office and still not happy of what you are doing on that job.
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