Woman Finds $20K in Bank Deposit Tube

LAKE HAVASU CITY, Ariz. — A woman who works as a makeup artist and deli clerk found $20,000 at a bank's drive-up depository, then calmly walked into the bank and turned over the cash. Linda Hatch said her mind raced in the seconds after she found the two $10,000 bundles in a plastic deposit tube on June 25.

"Am I in the middle of a bank robbery ... a drug bust, is someone going to pick up the money?" Hatch said. "I was like, 'Oh, my gosh. What do I do?'"

the bank teller she approached was just as confused about what to do.

Hatch said she filed a police report in the days after turning over the cash and hasn't been told by the bank whether the rightful owner has ever surfaced.

Hatch said she was "shaken for five hours" after the discovery. But she has no second thoughts about turning in the cash and laughed while recalling the scenario. - FOXnews

- So, ano? we can't say "walang ganyan sa States", dahil meron, meron, meron...
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