The Controvesial Candy - White Rabbit from China

Several stores have halted the sale of White Rabbit candies and other food products from China that have been found to contain formaldehyde or formaline. In what they insist is an unrelated story, owners of funeral parlors in Binondo, Manila have started to implement cost-cutting measures. Embalmers have been instructed to grind, heat, and liquefy hundreds of kilos of White Rabbit candies.

The Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD) on Tuesday ordered the pullout of four Chinese products from the market after testing positive for formalin.

Deputy Director Joshua Ramos said distributors of the White Rabbit creamy candy, Milk Candy, Bairong grape biscuits and Yong Kang Foods Grape Biscuit had been given 15 to 30 days to pull out their products.

Ramos said BFAD tests discovered that the four products contained formaldehyde or formalin.

He also advised consumers of the products to call BFAD's hotline 842-5606 to report if they are feeling sick after eating any of the products.

Top 5 Taglines for 'White Rabbit' Candies Manufactured in China

5: White Rabbit Candies: The sweetest companion in time of grief

4: White Rabbit Candies: Dito sa lupa, para nang sa langit

3: White Rabbit Candies: Decomposes in your mouth, not in your hands

2: White Rabbit Candies: Isipin mo na lang... bangkay ka na!

And the No. 1 tagline for 'White Rabbit' Candies Manufactured in China...
1: White Rabbit Candies: Tamis na panlaway, Katas na pampatay!

Source: The Professional Heckler
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