The 10 Greatest Advancements in Fast Food

Fast Foods are in nowadays and almost every person in the metro doesn't have time to cook their healthy meals because of the busy day. Their solutions? FastFood. And fast food always doing some advancements for their products and here's the list:
  1. McDonald's Monopoly
  2. Beef
  3. McDonald's introduces supersize it
  4. Taco Bell stays open late and encourages drunks to eat their "fourth meal"
  5. Subway successfully tricks people into thinking they make healthy fast food
  6. Wendy's 99 Cent Menu
  7. The Drive-Through (or: The Drive-Thru)
  8. Pizza is Delivered
  9. Ray Kroc Supersizes McDonald's
  10. The Earl of Sandwich puts meat between two pieces of bread
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