Nine (9) Brain Quirks You Didn’t Realize You Had

The brain is most interesting when it doesn’t work the way you expect it should. Psychology often confirms our intuitions about how our minds work, but it offers quite a few surprises as well. Although some psychology buff’s will have heard a few of these before, here’s a list of quirks in your brain you probably didn’t realize you had:

  1. Your short-term memory has a max capacity of seven. - Humans have three forms of memory: sensory, long-term and short-term. Long-term memory is like hard-drive space, while short-term memory works like a very small RAM. This short-term memory can hold only about five to nine (average is seven) items at a time.
  2. Chartreuse is the most visible color. - Your eyes have receptors for blue, green and red. Being in the middle, yellow-green triggers the most of these receptors to fire
  3. Your subconscious is smarter than you are. - Or at least more powerful
  4. You have two nervous systems. - One set controls excitation and the other controls inhibition
  5. Your brain is awful at probability.
  6. Your memory isn’t great either. - people are highly likely to misremember past events, it is incredibly easy to suggest a memory that never happened
  7. You can perceive depth with one eye.
  8. Long-term memory shuts down during sleep.
  9. You have an instant playback feature.
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