Five reasons why having a crush is good for you

  1. You light up. Crush sightings cause your heart rate to increase and pump blood swiftly through your system. This makes some acquire pink, glowing skin.
  2. You become more creative. As you think up scenarios of bump-ins and stolen glances, your imagination starts working doubly hard, inspiring your ingenious streak.
  3. You'll emit good vibes. You're more likely to forget a dreary dilemma when you see your crush. A kilig situation usually lightens your mood and causes you to become instantly happier.
  4. You're made more self-aware. As you zero in on one particular guy (or several if you wish), you learn how to weed out people who don't intrigue you. In this light, you get to fine-tune your likes and dislikes and get a healthy understanding of what tickles your fancy.
  5. You become your best self. When you're styling on a crush, you always put your best foot forward. As such, you rack your brains for ways to transform yourself into the most ideal—and crushable—version of yourself.
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