Philippines vs. Jordan in FIBA ASIA 2008 Olympic Qualifiers

FIBA ASIA 2008 Olympic Qualifiers Day 3 Results

Philippines was devastated by Jordan's Basketball cagers with the results Jordan 84 - Philippines 76, the Top Guns are Wright (25 pts), Abbaas (9 rbs), Daghles (5 ast).

Sydman and Chrisangelo’s breakdown: Jordan vs Philippines
What will happen when two schools of thought combine? One is said to be SYDMAN (aka Drixlazar), The Idea Diarrhea because of his reeking, continuous, overflowing, brownish basketball ideas while the other is the Chrisangelo, the Walking Pornographic Bastard who like many of you, browses the net for everyday girl-on-doberman porn action!
From the depths of society, two bitchin’ talents merging with a promise to promote the truth to the wide scale audience! Forming the biggest idea that will forever shape the stellar internet-basketball-blog-writing-world into another orbit?
We don’t really hope to achieve anything… but educate you about the basketball world! And we’re going to do that by giving you guys an un-expert-like opinion to frequently asked questions by basketball fans.
Believe us. We’re serious
Ok let’s get this started.
First up, our initial thoughts.
My take:
- We need more ball movement, they improved their ball movement last night, but with this all important game tonight, they can’t win if they’ll move the ball the same way they did against Iran and China.
- Their oustide shots have to click later, Look for Ritualo to have more touches, we need to outgun this bigger jordan team.
- And yes they’re bigger, so we need to run too. We can’t rely on our halfcourt offense right now
Sydman’s take:
- Problem is though, I like this 9 man lineup.
- Pero sayang, if they’re not using Renren, they should have picked tony Delacruz instead. He’s a bigger defender that can put in an extra mass of trouble for the other team’s go to guys.
On their defense.
My take:
- I see them pressing, then dropping into a zone.
- Either way, I think both sets would work out for them.
- The Williams-Raymundo-Hontiveros-Alapag is the perfect press combination for them
Sydman’s take:
- I see chot applying the zone and then insert a massive display of fireworks outside the triple zone.
At this point of time, Sydman begun asking me some questions, just like the first breakdown.
On Rashim Wright.
- Asi would have to work his ass off. And yes, I expect them to double Wright because they don’t really have that much shooters.
Should we fear Jordan?
- Hell no, we almost defeated them in the William Jones Cup, and they were defeated by Iran, a team we almost defeated if not for the late game calls.
If we win this, can the Philippines go all the way?
- HELL YEAH!, Japan and Kazakhstan are all beatables. We’ve already demolished South Korea and Chinese Taipei and we all know we can beat Lebanon at any given time.
Last take
Me: What we need is a good start. This one’s an all important game to fall behind early. They’ve shown their late game composure against China, so I don’t think there would be another late game breakdown for them .
Sydman: After this, it can be safe haven, as long as we beat Jordan.
Oh well, that ends another breakdown. God Bless Team Philippines and let’s hope for the best later.
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