Minneapolis Bridge Collapse: A Disaster of Enormous Scope

Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Wow, When I saw this, I thought it was just another superman movie where Lex Luthor make another disaster just to test Superman's strength, but unfortunately it is not... This is indeed a real life drama and no, this is not another terrorist attacks (I Hope).

Minneapolis, Minn. — I heard the first call to my Blackberry; it came in after 6:30 p.m. CT. In this business, constant communication is a must. However, it wasn’t until the ring of the second call, shortly thereafter, that I realized someone immediately needed me. I pulled my 20-month-old daughter off the changing table and rushed into the kitchen, where I would soon learn the news. The e-mail read "Urgent. Bridge Collapse in Minneapolis. Need you to get to O’Hare. 8:01 p.m. flight."

Reading that e-mail, I sprung into action. Typically, I keep a bag at-least semi-packed, for stories requiring a move at moment’s notice. I live fewer than 20 miles from the airport. My record drive time there is 14 minutes. I certainly pushed that record as I raced to O’Hare at a speed I care not to share with police nor my family.

Good thing I’m still in decent shape and know O’Hare very well after nearly eight years of working for FOX, based in Chicago. After parking, I quickly broke out into a full sweat, lugging a carry-on bag, a laptop computer, and my briefcase. A torrent of perspiration rushed down my face, my heart rate and my legs kicking into overdrive. Gasping for air, I finally made it to the ticket counter, where an agent told me I had two minutes to spare before the airline stopped issuing tickets. Read the rest of the story>>
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