Vegetarianism in a Nutshell

There are very few choices in our day-to-day lives that make a significant impact on the world around us, but what we choose to eat does. Eating meat supports global poverty and worker abuse, harms the environment, supports cruelty to animals, and is bad for our health. Vegetarianism is the self-empowerment diet; at every meal, you have the opportunity to live your values—to cast your vote against cruelty to animals, environmental degradation, and global poverty—and you do that all while eating a diet that is better for you than one that includes meat. -
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Chinese Domain Name - A key to your corporation promotion

To surf on Internet by using Chinese is the next wave to come. Now Chinese domain names can be fully supported by most of the

popular used browser such as, IE7.0, Firefox2.0 and Netscape8.0. Chinese domain names now are now rapidly gaining acceptance

and being used among people. They are simple and easy to remember, rich in meanings, which can make your brand and product

promotion success!
Compared to the English domain names, Chinese domain names are much simpler to keep in mind and fit closely to the Chinese


For example,, the domain of Microsoft, is too long to promote its website among the Chinese. However, the

Chinese word ‘微軟’ is familiar to everyone in China. So, to register ‘微軟.COM’ is much easier accepted by people

speaking Chinese. What's more, your brand name can be kept in mind without paying large amount money on advertising.
Chinese domain names are the ideal promotion tools of your products. If, all your products have been registered with a

Chinese domain name, it will go directly to your website as long as someone types it on the browser address field. It will

enhance your website visited number. Hong Kong Ocean Park, the great example to prove, soar 25% after using a Chinese domain


Domain names, like .CN(.中國), .com, .net, .sh, .io, .ac, .biz, .公司, .網絡, .hk, and .tw, all can be registered in Chinese.

Some well-known corporations have registered their Chinese domain names. 寶馬.CN, 海爾.HK, 聯想.HK, 中國電信.TW, and 當當

網.TW., Inc., as the HKIRC&HKDNR Best Performing service partners Silver Price winner, ICANN and CNNIC accredited

internet service provider in China, provider you the most complete Chinese domain name registration services. Welcome you to

buy it now!

Chinese INDs Price List

.CN(.中国) $36.22/yr
.COM/.NET $36.22/yr
.BIZ $36.22/yr
.HK $20.9/yr
.SH/.AC/.IO $85.38/yr
.TW $51.63/yr
.CC $59.51/yr
.TV $62.1/yr
.TM $245.8/yr

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Register a Chinese Domain Name

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