Top (10) ten Signs of an Ineffective Business/Company

By: Robstroy

1. The Company can't sustain on-time salary release.
2. The Employees' benefits are not the priorities of the Management.
3. There are lots of employees tendering their resignations.
4. Employees are not happy with the Management styles and keep on ranting about the system.
5. The management hires new employees and terminate some, to save on the increasing salary (No Regular Employees).
6. You rarely seen your boss in the company.
7. Management cost-cutting styles like not requiring Tax, Social Security, Health benefits, etc.
8. The HR Manager told their Employees to give up their rights for the company. (winks)
9. The company's office is being used by other services not related to the business of the company.
10. Relatives, family members (e.g. Wife/husband, parents, brothers/sisters, children) are frequent in your boss' office.

If you found these scenarios in the company where you are working, then it is time to think if you want to stick your @ss and continue your career on that company.
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