Antonio Trillanes Proclaimed Senator of the Philippines

Lt. Senior Grade Antonio Trillanes IV has been proclaimed just this morning as the 11th winning senatorial candidate in the May 14 elections after the court allowed him to appear for the proclamation.
Trillanes obtained 11,138,067 votes, giving him a lead of 384,231 votes over Team Unity (TU) bet Juan Miguel Zubiri, who as of yesterday’s tally remains in 13th place with 10,753,836 votes. Now that Trillanes has been proclaimed I am sure he will continue his Oakwood mutiny’s revolt agenda to seek Mrs. Arroyo’s removal from office, and now his proclamation cements the opposition’s majority control in the 24-seat Senate and have President Arroyo impeached for corruption.
His victory in the May 14 elections is the reflection of the people’s will and it also reflects that the people were not satisfied of the Administrations performance. Blog Bites
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Miss Mom
Sunday, June 17, 2007 10:25:00 PM ×

he used to be my crush during the oakwood and i salute his conviction and principles. i just wish he be able to perform well as a senator.

Congrats bro Miss Mom you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...