Pinoy Big Brother's Big 4 for the Big Night!

PBB celebrity edition house is full of enthusiasm today as the Big 4 prepares for the Big Night this evening.

The Kilabot ng Senado, Keanna is very stunning at the Big night as she is wears a red gown embroidered with black butterflies. Bianca is looking stylish wearing her violet gown for the Big Night even as John and Zanjo looked elegant with their suit.

The Big Night is a battle between the “Mag-ina vs. Lovebirds” and I vote for the Mag-ina, especially for Keanna Reeves. For me, Keanna’s name will come into view for the Big Night, she seems a reflection of a true Filipino for me, and many Filipino individuals face the same toil as Keanna’s past. I want her to be the Big Winner for this season. My second choice will be Zanjo, though I don’t know him well but I think he has this charisma that people will vote for him, John too but I am not sure if he wins because he was so exposed in the camera lately that people will think he doesn’t deserve to win because he is famous anyway. Bianca, for me is the same thing like John, she is like a famous celebrity these days, a co-host of the morning show Magandang Umaga Pilipinas on channel 2 and at Y-Speak live at Studio 23 with Ryan Agoncillo.

As a customary at Pinoy Big Brother show, Kuya Big Brother called all four housemates for their final confession. They were asked how they are feeling and how keen they are to win.

Later, the Big 4 were asked to wear their blindfolds and listen to the ipod shuffles given to them to listen some music while they were brought to Liwasang Bonifacio near the Post Office in Manila, the venue for the Big Night.

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