Keanna Reeves is the Celebrity Big Winner!

Keanna Reeves, concludes the Big Night as Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition’s Big Winner. From the “Kilabot ng Senado” now she holds the title as the first ever Celebrity Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Celebrity Edition! Keanna bested the other 13 celebrity housemates to grab the 4 million pesos worth of prizes!

Held in Liwasang Bonifacio, Keanna Reeves’ victory was announced during the magnificent Celebrity Big Night, and was witnessed by thousands of PBBCE’s fans. “Thank you, thank you Lord! Hindi ako mapaniwala na ako yung napili niyo, nagpakatotoo lang talaga ako. Sana marami akong na-inspire na tao na hindi huli ang pagbabago, mahal tayo ng Diyos,” in tears of joy, Keanna said that lines, which was later hugged firmly by her sons and her father.

The final tally of votes where Keanna became victorious thrashing the other three tough contenders John Pratts, Bianca Gonzales and Zanjo Marudo where Keanna acquired almost 50% of the entirety votes. She received 571,607 votes (44.2%). John was a far second with 372,198 votes (28.8%). Bianca was named as the third Celebrity Big Placer with 245,594 (19%) while Zanjoe landed in the fourth place with 103,422 votes (8%).

Nene Tamayo, the former PBB Big Winner, welcomes Keanna back to the outside world, which later Mr. Eugenio Lopez III awarded the big prizes to Keanna. She received one million pesos from Rebisco and also her chosen charity the Gabriela, received one million pesos from Rebisco. Keanna also received a condo unit from Chateau Valenzuela. John, Bianca and Zanjo didn’t go home empty-handed because Second placer John received P500, 000 and also his chosen charity, the National Children’s Hospital received P500, 000 from Rebisco. Bianca and Zanjo, Third and fourth placer respectively was also awarded with P100, 000 and their chosen charity received P250, 000 from Rebisco, Gabriel Symphony Foundation for Bianca and Santa Ana-San Joaquin Bahay Ampunan Foundation for Zanjo.

Aside from those big cash prizes they received, each of the Final Big 4 received Promac appliances, a RedFox Laptop computer and a Sony DVD camera.

Why People voted for Keanna?

Aside from being a true to herself, Keanna captured the heart of the viewers for her being a Mother, a True friend and a Comedienne to all housemates inside the Big Brother house. Though, in her first few days at the Big Brother house, the rest of her housemates find her lazy for she was not fond of helping others for the chores inside the house, that’s why she gained in the first nomination night. Luckily, the viewers gave her a chance to show what she can do and to establish her being a true Filipina and maybe because of her being a natural comedienne that the viewers liberate her from expulsion in the Big Brother house.

Because of earning that first nomination, Keanna changed her attitude inside the house and became cooperative in doing the chores, tests and tasks given to all the housemates by Big Brother. Later she wins the esteem of other younger housemates and became their Mother figure inside the house.

Later, Keanna became the closest friend of John and Rustom because both find Keanna as a person whom they can trust, that’s why Rustom was confident to reveal his being gay to keanna. Aside from being a true confidante, Keanna is also a natural comedienne to all the housemates. Cracking funny jokes together with Boduy and speaking their native Visayan language where Big Brother didn’t seems to understand what it means but to the Bisaya viewers it’s a green jokes and hilarious one. One scene I won’t forget was when the time Rustom is about to say his biggest secret of being a gay that’s when Keanna excused herself to pee.

Becoming known as the Celebrity Big Winner, Keanna’s future will become brighter in the coming days, her victory as a Big winner will surely change her life and her family and surely make her a stronger person as she will face the next challenges of her life.

Congratulations to you Keanna!!! You really deserves to be the Big Winner… You were my bet since the Celebrity edition began.

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