Quality of life

The better your thinking ability, the better you are at differentiating between valid information and garbage, and the better you’re able to communicate with others, the more successful you'll be in every aspect of your life — business and personal, physical and mental. Because together these skills, or attributes, can:

  • Substantially reduce any tendency you might have to be fearful of life.
  • Change a habitual negative outlook to one that is positive.
  • Get you into the habit of turning inward for solutions to problems, where they always are, rather than outward, where they never are.
  • Bring to you the realization that you, and you alone, are responsible for what happens in your life.
  • Prevent verbal sickness and improve your health in general by changing your outlook.
  • Reorder your priorities for the better.
  • Rearrange your hierarchy of values for the better.
  • Give you the ability to focus on the important things in life while ignoring the unimportant ones.
  • Make you more selective in choosing which ideas to admit into your mind and which to deny passage to.
  • Improve the belief system through which you screen all entering ideas.
  • Keep you from wasting time entertaining false ideas.
  • Reduce the likelihood that others will be able to further their own best interests at your expense.
  • Reduce or even eliminate any tendency you might have to feel guilt.
  • Make it extremely difficult for others to kill your dreams.
  • Make it extremely difficult for others to intimidate you through words alone.
  • Make you more self-reliant.
  • Increase your self-confidence.
  • Give you a better understanding of people.
  • Purge your mind of the accumulated garbage dumped on you by others.
  • Free you from bondage to bits and pieces of what is nothing more than pure mythology.
  • In short, they can transform you by "the renewing of your mind."

OK. Where do we go from here?

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