Saving for Holiday Seasons

It has been 4 days passed since the Month of November ended, still I got this after holiday feeling... I am not yet in the mood of working. Everyday, I tend to be shirking and just want to sleep all day. But I can't help it... I have to work since my November adsense earnings for blogs just earned only around 300 dollars, it also slacking off just like what I feel these following days. Unlike the previous months where I earned much more than that. Here's the screen shot of my adsense. 

Is it too low? it is wierd because December is here and I am thinking of spending more for holiday seasons, but since I only got that much for November, maybe I will just set the belt tighter for this coming days, so that I can have enough for holidays this December but I guess it is a bit difficult to do that, since December got a lot of promos and sales which makes you feel like going to the malls everyday and I don't also want to spend shopping with credit cards since it is also a burden when the bills came in. I am making it sure that I will only spend or use a little with credit cards. Payday just came in but almost half the pay has gone to the bills, from Internet bills to Electricity, Credit bill to hosting bill. Oh and yes I also save for the gifts.

Since I am planning of saving this month, I am crossing my fingers for that so I can hold tight to that promise.

Seasons Greetings in advance to everyone.
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Friday, December 05, 2008 9:00:00 AM ×

elow, ruby! i hope that i'm included in the list of people that you're gonna give gifts to, hehe.. ;)) anyways, 300 dollars in adsense is not bad at all.. though i know that if you earned more than that for the past months, you'll feel bad, hehe.. ;))

Tuesday, December 16, 2008 2:57:00 PM ×

ambisyusa ning panuway, hik hik hik. if you wanna be rich, you've got to be a bitch. trust me, go...

showbizness na...