The High School Reunion (MOGCHS Batch 98)

It has been 10 years since I left my High School alma mater, MOGCHS. Although it has been awhile, I still can recall the faces of my friends and batchmates. I still can recall the laughters and tears we've been through all those years in High School. Yesterday, December 27, 2008 after ten years, we gathered in one place to reunite, meet and greet and reminice the high school life we had and to get connected even though we've got busy schedules with families and works.

Some were married, some were still single like me, some gained weights some lose, some get old some stays fresh and young. (I mean the looks) and some even are now parents. But what's the matter is we bonded and we had fun last night. Thanks to Mr. Michael Bustamante, he put all his energies and dedications just to make the event a success.

It is sad to say that our high school batch though range to10,000 plus when we graduated but less than a hundred attended last night's gathering. But it is okay and we understand because everybody got priorities in life and some were not living here in the city and some even went abroad to work. The important is we organized and we promised to keep it an annual event just to keep the bathch connected until we get old.

I will post some pictures later, I'll just have to collect them from those who brought camera last night since I didn't snap my camera phone last night to take captured moments of my classmates.
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