NASA captures stunning pictures of Earth

The NASA Earth Observatory provides public with detailed data on the climate.
Hi-resolution photos capture major ongoing environmental events.
Images show how both nature and man affect the surface of the planet.

The Earth Observatory online library stretches back to 1999, providing a graphic snapshot of how nature and man create changes on the surface of the planet.

The following pictures were taken from January to December 2008. From cloud streaking over the Caspian Sea in January to vast tracts of cleared forest in Bolivia in December.

Cloud Streaks Across Caspian Sea

Dust storm off Morocco

Wilkins Ice Shelf disintegrates

Tokyo at night

Irrigated fields in El Gezira, Sudan

Mississippi River floods Gulfport, Illinois

Hurricane Bertha

Polar mesospheric clouds over Central Asia

Sunlight on the Amazon River, Brazil

Wetland damage along the Gulf Coast

Fires in California

Forest Clearing in Bolivia

You can see how Earth really change nowadays... with all those natural phenomenons, maybe it is time for us really mind the earth and let us all move to make this a better place to live for more thousands of years for the next generations.
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