Your Girlfriend's / wife's beauty stuff can be useful for you too

She's going to keep cluttering the bathroom with expensive, perfumed junk, so you might as well use some of it for your own evil purposes. "Men can use any product that women can," say's Wilma F. Bergfeld, MD dermatologist at the Cleveland Clinic. You know how to use her shampoo, but some of her other "beauty aids" have surprisingly handy uses. Here's a guide.

Baby Powder
A few sprinkles will stop sweat and chafing around your groin or on your feet, and freshen unwashed sheets before an unexpected sleep-over. Also, combing some powder into your hair will degrease it when you can't shower, says Billy B., a makeup artist in New York.

Soap-free cleansers
Products like Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser by Galderma remove surface oils and dirt without water; they're perfect for camping trips.

Moisturizing Lotion
Use it just the way she does. It can help rehydrate dry skin.

Hair Conditioner
You can use it as a shaving cream.

If she uses a spray to remove facial oils, you've got a dandy aftershave.

She uses a thick, waxy goop to style her hair. You can use a thin film to buff your shoes. Really.

Eyebrow Pencil
Clean up a croaked goatee or fix shoe scuffs.

It can darken gray mustache or eyebrow hairs.

Nail-polish Remover
Some brands contain acetone, a solvent that will remove some types of ink stains from clothing. Be careful; it can also removes some dyes and put holes in delicate fabrics, such as rayon and satin.

Petroleum Jelly
A dab makes an emergency hair gel. Rub a small amount between your hands to liquify it before putting it on your head.

Source: Men's Magazine

So, now that you know that some of her stuff are useful too for you, I guess you will now willing to go with her on beauty products' shopping. But just make sure you won't take all her stuff because I am sure this is something a woman don't want to happen.
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