Philippines is on Economic Crisis???

It was a rainy April Saturday afternoon, too early for a rainy season in the Philippine weather. I think this is what they call the effects of global warming. Anyway, since it is raining the whole afternoon today, I was detained inside the house and stuck in front of my computer and TV. I never watched news on TV for quite sometimes now but this afternoon I happened to watch the afternoon local news. I was so surprised that the news from one local channel to another has been always talking about the food shortage and the so-called economy crisis in the Philippines. Surprised in the sense that every night when I went out to buy foods or visit a friend, I can see how young people can live like spoiled rich brats in bars, drinking pints or beers, smoking like one on those factories along the coastal places, eating at the fancy restaurants, drinking coffee at the expensive coffee shops and socializing with one another in some expensive places. Wow! I cannot even gulp one can of beer because of the two reasons; I don't enjoy beers and other hard beverages, and second I think being a social drinker / person is an expensive lifestyle.

I hope news anchors and reporters could see the pictures of the Philippines at night and show it to the people if we really are on a crisis with those gimmick places infested with social and social climbers young people, because if this is what I normally see every night then I don't think Philippines is on crisis.

Just a thought on this rainy April Saturday afternoon.
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nice blog.. love itü

Congrats bro jm you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...