Philippines bring home the world cup on the 2007 Boxing World Cup

Philippines won the world cup trophy on the 2007 Boxing World Cup Philippines versus Mexico at Arco Arena, Sacramento, CA.

Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista vs. Daniel Ponce de Leon
Gerry Peñalosa vs. Jhonny Gonzales
Bert Batawang vs. Francisco Rosas
Z Gorres vs Gerson Guerrero
Michael Domingo vs. Miguel Roman
AJ Banal vs. Eric Ortiz

AJ Banal knocked Eric Ortiz down on the 3rd round, Gorres knocked Gerson Gurrero down on the 8th round and Gerry Peñalosa Knocked Jhonny Gonzalez out on the 7th Round with his powerful left hand punch on Gonzales' right side. Bert Batawag and Michael Domingo won by way of unanimous decisions. Unfortunately, Rey "Boom Boom" Bautista is the only one failed to get the victory when he was knocked out by Daniel Ponce de Leon on the very 1st round. He really got his knees weak after being hit by Daniel's power punch. It was Mexico’s only victory in a six-fight World Cup of Boxing against the Philippines. But no worry, because Rey Bautista is just merely 21-year-old boxer and he has a lot of opportunities coming to catch up the pedestal in boxing.

Anyway, it is still 5-1 and Philippines got it Champion. Maybe 6-0 is too much to ask for and 5-1 will still made the Philippines get the 2007 Boxing World Cup trophy.
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