The Most Unhealthy Commutes in America

You might have heard that your commute is killing you. But it's not the doughnut and jumbo-sized coffee you've been downing every morning that's doing it.

What's really taking a toll on your health is the polluted air you're breathing, lengthy traffic delays and dodging accidents to and from work. Even as the stress mounts, we put up with it, since most of us can't afford to or don't want to live near our offices.

Topping the list were Riverside, Calif., followed by Atlanta and Los Angeles. Rounding out the top five were Houston and Washington, D.C., which tied.
To minimize your exposure to pollution, Conrad Schneider, advocacy director for the Clean Air Task Force, says drivers should try to avoid roads filled with trucks' diesel exhaust. If you can't avoid traveling with trucks, close your windows and set your air to recirculate.
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