Hitting Happy Hour Can Help Your Career

After-hours socializing can help boost worker camaraderie and advance workers' careers -- and experts recommend that everyone occasionally attend

Why you should make the effort.

signals you're a team player and helps you control your reputation at work.

"Don't jeopardize your job for a $5 beer."

Just because alcohol is served at most happy hours and after-hours parties, that doesn't mean you have to drink

Watch your mouth

Try to listen 75 percent of the time and talk just 25 percent of the time.

Leave with everyone feeling they know you a bit better but that you aren't that different from the way you are at work -- which is professional, good-natured, hard-working and respectful.

The bottom line: Happy hours can be a great way to get ahead, but save the tequila shots for a night out with friends.
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