Showdown for the Senate Elections

The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) main office in Intramuros and the nearby Manila Hotel where an administration political convention was being held, were deluged with the candidates’ supporters including entertainment stars backed by brass bands.

Huh! Philippine elections are now so showbiz, the candidates really proved the masses that the Traditional Politics was gone and Showbiz Politics is in.

The crowd buildup began when Mega Star Sharon Cuneta Pangilinan accompanied her husband Sen. Francis Pangilinan followed by Sen. Ralph Recto, who was with his wife, Lipa Mayor Vilma Santos. Not only that, Richard Gomez bring with him his lovely Lucy Torres, Singson was even accompanied by boxing champion Manny Pacquiao and some other candidates filed for their certificate of candidacy make some gimmicks to draw crowd at the Commission on Election. Despite an order barring them from leaving their workstations, COMELEC personnel went out of their offices to gaze at the movie personalities. Filipino nga naman o, kailangan pa ba na pag fiestahan yun?

They are even making dry gimmicks for their slogans and TV campaigns. Like Mike Defensor’s "walking ‘tol" and "standing ‘tol" posters, saying they showed his frustration to become tall. ‘Tol is a street word for brother. Some even used the church by attending mass at the Cathedral

If these candidates will get a position in the senate, what will be there platforms, more to showbiz and less to the people? I don’t think politics is for popularity or good looks; Politics is more on serving the people not entertaining them. We already seen the performances of these people and I hope you think before voting for them.

Paenggoy even said “Filipinos are poor and have local economies that do poorly against Asian neighbors. That is why more have to work abroad and look for anything that will make them earn more (dollar), whether it is Care giving, nurse, OFW, etc. But such achievements will not be able to provide sufficient livelihood to most. Human capital flight also has incredible costs to those who remain; for example, the PMA reports that the country may soon experience sever crisis due to a shortage of doctors and nurses. And that is taking place in a country where many shortages already take place, from rice to medicine to police men to teachers.”

Since May 14, 2007 elections is near, think carefully who’s candidates to vote for that you think and are sure can make or help our economy better not for worst. Let us STOP too much politicking, think for the good of our country and fellowmen, VOTE WISELY.
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