The B^$^&$t Memo

While in the middle of writing and replying some emails, I received a memorandum from a newly promoted Shift leader about my being a latecomer. But why is it that only me and the other two got a memo? And what about the other latecomers next to me? Is it because I am the one who has most late? Whether you are late for only 10 minutes compared to an hour late is still late, so why not give the others a memo too? That made me thinks there is unequal treatment going on in this company. Anyway, they are deducting every minute on my late and that is additional profit to the company because even if I am late or not, the client still pays the company in full. That’s b$^$&t… I am doing my job satisfactorily for the client but they keep on worrying about my being late. There are some people in the office who come in an hour or two earlier for their shift but what are they doing here in the office? Playing, chatting, loitering and hanging around in the office without doing anything for the good of the company. And what makes it more b$^%$^t is that they are being recognized and was given merit for doing it. I am not that idiot grabbing for that recognition just to have extra hundreds of pesos in my pocket and a fancy certificate for just coming in the office an hour or two earlier.

I admit, I am a BIG latecomer but I just want fairness.

This is not a hate post or what, I am just expressing what I have to express. I am pissed off.
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