A Kagay-anon in Texas, USA writes ‘On Subtle Racism’

I had a clash with a colleague in our English Department when one of them made a lesson writing about Asia being not only POOR AND VIOLENT; but he made up a character of which he implied that the only way out of this poor lady was to marry an American.
Maybe he has not heard and knew how many world-class workers we have in the medical, business and other fields of endeavor all over the world. I talked to him about how offended I was and he in turn had to ask an apology.
But that was not the end of the story, the next day, I found my Holocaust Mini Gallery in the hallway was mutilated! Guess what, he came to me and told me he was the one who did it. He said one of the pictures we posted was not so good to post. It is one great example of ignorance as teachers, we are suppose to show the truth! There was even this big brouhaha about some group of people who wants to deny that the Holocaust was a big hoax! Again he apologized for acting irresponsibly by taking it off the wall, without even asking permission from me. We’ll I was just stunned at how he retaliated, I only expressed my opinion of which by law I am entitled, he sent me a scud missile instead.
It is tough! Tough indeed to stand for your right as an Asian and Filipino! One thing is also clear to me though, my American co- teachers know how to say sorry and apologize! And to say that I am a forgiving person, is an understatement. Indeed there are always two sides of the coin and these will teach us a lot in terms of developing our character.
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