Fiesta, Fiesta, Fiesta!!!

Yesterday was our Barangay fiesta, and oh boy! My mom prepared a lot of foods, bad news for those on a diet and health conscious people (hehehe… can’t eat too much). We slaughtered a pig (ewww…) but I did not join in slaughtering. I can’t stand on it, I am an animal lover. Well anyway it is a Filipino tradition every fiesta, it’s a thanks giving to the patron saint San Isidro Labrador for a prosperous year and life.

On that day, around 6 in the morning while I’m still on my bed, snoring, I have had a dozen of visitors arrived at home, my Officemates, they’re from the graveyard shift schedule that time that’s why they came so early ‘coz they just off from work at 5 am. Thanks to my mom, she cooked instantly for my visitor’s breakfast. After their breakfast I bought two bottles of Long neck tanduay rhum hmm… Too early to drink hard liquor but those people are used to drink very early. I turned on the VCD player and let them sing the videoke until 12 noon, and we ate for lunch after. Anyway that was fun, we sang on the videoke the whole morning and my visitors got drank so early.

Ahh man!!! I just forgot to attend the baptismal of Roniel’s son, whom I promised to be one of the godfather and I forgot about it, ohh boy! I think I need some explanation to my friend Roniel. Later that day, other visitors and relatives came, until night came 7pm, I feel so tired from the day’s event and I must sleep to rest. But to my surprise I sleep so tightly that I forgot again to watch the grand final showdown of the much awaited Search for the Star in A Million of abs-cbn network. Damn! I missed it… But thanks! one of my two bet finalist from Iligan and Bohol, Nikki Baculod and Jerome Sala, the latter won as a Grand Champion, a kababayan of my father. Boholanos are such talented person. Speaking of Bohol, lots of fiestas are celebrated this month there. It’s been four years since my last visit of the place, hope within this month I can go visit the place again, my father’s hometown. Viva Sr. San Isidro Labrador!!!

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