Rico J. Puno Don't Want To See Richard Gomez in Politics

Puno, who answered 37 out of 40 questions, got serious when questions about politics were thrown at him.

First, he was asked who is the most corrupt politician for him. The Makati councilor answered vaguely, "Most corrupt is, of course, the one now in administration." Then, he added, "They say it's the First Gentleman [Mike Arroyo], I don't know if that's true."

One of the DJs asked, "Sinong artista ang ayaw mong makita sa politics?" Rico answered without hesitation, "Si Richard [Gomez] nga ayoko. I hope he changes his mind."

The singer further explained, "Kasi, first of all, he doesn't have the experience."

He also added that Richard should have started running for administrative office, like the mayoralty post, before vying for the legislative office.

"Making laws is different... You know, minsan mas makakasira doon sa iba na qualified kung tumakbo, kapag pinilit pa," said Rico J.

Puno, however, clarified that there's nothing personal to his comments. He just thought that, "If you're serious about entering the politics, maski na mas mababa ng kaunti roon—maski na barangay tanod, pwede naman."

When asked who is the most plastic politician for him, Rico answered Senator Lito Lapid. "I hope he doesn't mind this, si Lito Lapid kasi he was elected as senator for six years, pagkatapos he wants to go to Makati and tell people, tell the mayor [Jejomar Binay], he wants to continue what he is doing today in Makati.

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007 12:58:00 AM ×

For Mr. Rico J. Puno's comment about Richard Gomez...I think his opinion or comment is not that good, because for me why don't we give Richard a chance to run as a senator, we may never know what is his ability is. Since before he hanle a MAD, so I think that maybe can help him when running as a senator. For Richard...just continue to run as a senator...i;ll support you. But all I can wish is that please let's say you won....do the best thing that you can do for th e FIlipino people as well as to our country.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 8:38:00 AM ×

Absolutely! Richard can still prove the people that even if he is just an actor he can still serve the people by way of running for public office... I just only hope that not just for the good of the Philippine Showbiz is he running for but for the general public.