PPP - Pathetic Plastic People

Oh no! Most Filipinos are such an American puppies, I mean you can see it the way they approach between an American and a fellow Filipino. I am a Filipino and I can say that because that is what I can see or observe here in this country.

I have encountered a situation where one particular office has visitors at the same time, two Americans and a Filipino. What made me a little bit pissed off is that, the two foreigners were accommodated perfectly with friendly gestures but when they approached this Filipino visitor their aura or facial expression changes into something like they don’t wanna talk with him (The Filipino visitor) and when they get back to the two Americans, it seems like their face are glowing and they seems like a smiling babies when they approached them. And you can hear it in their laugh the tone of unreal laugh, I mean “plastic laugh” just to make the two Americans feel better everytime they cracked a corny joke. Arg!!!

Well, we can see that to most of our country’s leaders. When an American talks they always listens and always say yes.

I am not an anti-American I am just against to those people I described.
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