Philippine Idol Update

Oops!!! It’s been a while since my last update to this Blog. I think I should say “Oops! I did it again..” Duh.. I am just kinda busy the following weeks, from waking up 4 in the morning to prepare for an early work and my online time seems getting shorter and shorter, Arg!!!

Anyway, I am here and I want to talk about the Philippine Idol again.

Last Sunday night, I watched the performance night and they have this dance genre thing. Woah!!! Its Sunday so the remote control is mine all mine. Because on weeknights, I am not the boss of the television at home, since majority at home wanted to watch the primetime teleseries drama of both ABS-CBN and GMA and that makes me sad even more, because Philippine Idol Elimination nights was move to Monday. Do you think it’s time for me to buy a new TV? So that I can liberally watch my favorite shows in the comfort of my own room without disturbances from other to change channels.

Okay, back to the Philippine Idol thing. Last Sunday Jan Nieto gone loca as he performed “Livin’ la Vida Loca” of Ricky Martin. Wow!!! Jan is a hit that night and it was a lively great opening, Mamita even danced with him on stage. I think Jan turned on Mamita’s “Kiliti” and so with Mr. C’s line “Nakakaloka” don’t tell me Mr.C turns on Jan. LOL.

My favorite Pow didn’t get a good impressions from the judges and I think she didn’t impressed me too. It’s not a good choice of song for me. But I don’t think Mamita should insist on Pow to wear a skirt. It’s just won’t work on Pow (The skirt thing). So with Miguel, “Make It With You” is not a song that will make the listener go gaga and tap their feet, so it is not a good choice of song for dance genre. With Ken, I don’t like what he was wearing last Saturday, he looks like a Goo goo dancer in the club with those feathery outfit and strife pants, it’s just not a usual outfit for me on a competition like Philippine Idol, but he gave justice to the Stevie Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Deliver”.

The Chorva Mau became “Shy Guy” after Mamita’s comment that her song choice is ideal for a taller, slimmer and sexier lady. Mamita also added that a Philippine Idol is not only having a good quality of voice but with a slim and sexy body too. Oh! No… I don’t think Mamita is right with that comment. She shouldn’t have said that. Many of the viewers raised their eyebrows after hearing those offensive lines from Mamita and I am one of them. Philippine Idol is not a beauty contest or a slimmers’s world contest. Philippine Idol for me is a singing competition, no matter who or what you are. What really count is that you have the talent and the charisma that the people look up to you as their IDOL. Though, having good looks and sexy body is added points but not a requirements. Just like American Idol Ruben Studdard, does Pilita have the rights to say that Ruben shouldn’t become American Idol because he is fat and not so good-looking? I don’t think so. Ruben is a very talented person with a fantastic voice that made him the American Idol and so with Mau on her journey to become the first Philippine Idol.

Okay, so much for that let’s go to Gian. He performed my favorite “Rock DJ” of Robbie Williams and yes! he did the moves right and superb performance. Gian must be confident not to be on the bottom 3 on the elimination night but not with Apple because she was eliminated last Monday. Her “Lady Marmalade” Christina Aguillera version is not a hit to the fans that is why she got the lowest votes and was eliminated.

Now that only six of them left namely: Gian, Mau, Pow, Ken, Miguel and Jan, Who’s next? and who do you think should be the first Philippine Idol?
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