Torn Between Two Lovers

Michelle or Chelle is a type of person who loves conversation, but sometimes she hates arguments as much as possible she avoided them, because on her opinion, arguments most of the time creates conflicts. She is typically a simple girl with big dreams and love to explore on things which attracts her attention... She also loves meeting friends... according to her, new friends are very much welcome. And she loves adventures and travels...

Those are the things you can read on Michelle’s blog profile, but what are these paparazzi pictures I got? She must torn between two lovers and you can see at the pictures that she wasn’t very happy being with any of her two lovers. What else she can ask for, the first man is a multi-millionaire and owner of International Airline Company, The Lhawzer Airlines. The second is also a multi-billionaire who owns the famous Onin 5 star hotels around the world.

It only shows that money can’t buy happiness and love for Michelle.

Michelle and Lhawzer at the Restaurant

Michelle and Onin at the Mall
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