Fire, that burned almost a hundred homes in Brgy 15 of Cagayan de Oro City

Blackout! That’s what happened yesterday September 7, 2006, while working around 11 AM. Our work was affected and I go out to have a break. Fire track whistle its siren as it passed by along the highway, there must be a fire incident happening at that moment and that’s why the electricity was being cut off. I look up in the sky to look for a smoke and walla!!! East part of the sky was full of black smoke just like a nuclear explosion’s smoke.

Instead of taking a break, I ride a jeepney and headed towards the fire’s destination. When I arrived at the location, there are so many people watching the fire burning the properties of some of the residence in the area. People are just like me; they were there just to watch and not even help. Anyway, there’s nothing I can do to help stop the fire, but just let the fire fighters do their job. I can see some of those fire victims’ eyes the worry, fear, dismay and sadness of what happened to their homes. All I can do is watch them and console them in just the way I looked at them and I just can’t help myself but to take pictures of the incident.

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