Chris Daughtry’s Elimination last Wednesday was a bit surprising and I ended up blogging on my Movie and Music Review Blog… Anyway, so much for the American Idol, Yesterday I watched the movie Poseidon together with my two officemates, after our work we headed directly to the SM Cinema and bought tickets.

The action of the movie started when a tidal wave strike the luxury cruise ship ”Poseidon” just when they counted down and celebrated the New Year at the cruise along the Atlantic Ocean. The wave turned the cruise upside-down in the ocean and since the ship was designed to stay afloat upside-down in the water, most people alive trapped inside stays and waited for the rescue to come as what the captain instructed, but Dylan Johns (Josh Lucas) ignored him and sets out to come out the almost sunk upside-down ship to save himself. Soon, Dylan is followed by others, the desperate father (Kurt Russell) in search for his daughter Jennifer (Emmy Rossum) together with her boy friend Christian (Mike Vogel), a single Mom (Jacinda Barrett) with a son named Conor (Jimmy Bennett), (Mia Maestro) the stowaway at the cruise and Richard Nelson (Richard Dreyfuss) a man who happens to commit suicide on the ship but changes his mind when he saw the tidal wave coming.

Along the way to their search for safety inside the unstable inverted wrecked ship, each of them must obtain on their strength and skills in order for them to survive before it’s too late.

The movie was awesome, the graphics, the actions and the cast were great. All in all the cinematic touches was almost perfect. This is another disaster movie, the scenes are most likely you can be seen at the “Titanic” and the “Perfect Storm” but this one has more suspense, drama and horrifying actions and awesome cinematography. The whole movie settings is in the ship, I never seen any land on this film. From the start to the end, all you can see is the interior of the luxury cruise Poseidon and of course the ocean. A must see movie for everyone, this movie will keep you glued in your seat.
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