The Gospel of Judas

Below are some content can be found at the Lost Gospel of Judas, the following are taken from the National

The Gospel of Judas is part of a codex. Codices were ancient books constructed of folding pages bound at one side. They supplanted scrolls because they held more information, and because readers could easily find specific passages. The codex also contains a text called James, the Letter of Peter to Phillip, and a fragmentary document dubbed the Book of Allogenes. The 1,700-year-old codex was badly fragmented, but an expert team of preservationists and scholars has rescued a nearly complete Gospel of Judas – a text once thought to be lost forever. The Gospel provides an alternative view of the Jesus-Judas relationship and evidences the diverse theological beliefs that circulated among early Christians.

Codex page 33:
The secret account of the revelation
that Jesus spoke in conversation with Judas
Iscariot during a
Week, three
Days before he celebrated Passover.

Codex page 35:
Step away from the
others and I shall tell you the mesteries
of the kingdom. It is possible
for you to reach it, but you
will grieve a great deal.

Codex page 44:
In the vision I saw myself
As the 12 disciples were stoning
Me and persecuting [me severely].

Codex page 46:

… you will
Be cursed by the other
Generations – and you
will come to
rule over them.

Codex page 56:
… you
Will exceed all of them.
For you will sacrifice
The man that clothes me.

Codex page 57:
Look, you have been told everything.
Lift up your eyes and look
At the cloud and the light within
It and the stars surrounding it.
The stars that leads the way
Is your star.
Judas lifted his eyes
And saw the luminous cloud,
And he entered it …

Codex page 58:
[… and] their high priests
Murmured because [he]
Had gone into the guest room
For his prayer. But some
Scribes were there
Watching carefully in order to
arrest him during
the prayer, for they were afraid
of the people, since he was
regarded by all as a prophet.
They approached
Judas and said to him,
“what are you doing here? You are
Jesus’ disciple.”
Judas answered them
As they wished and he received some money
And handed him over to them.

The Gospel of Judas

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