Back Pain to Delayed Pay to Bob Gentry

Just got off from work and I felt this back pain because of setting whole day at the office with the broken chair that adds burdens because of delayed payments. Oh boy!!! Gotta go to the massage center and have some relaxing whole body massage there, to ease this back pain. But I think that’s not possible these days, I received again partial payment and using it to pay for massage will leave me empty handed.

By the way, I’ve gone through Bob Gentry’s website and blog, a friend from California and we communicate thru email and I’ve gone through his audio page, and there you can see some collections of his masterpiece. Bob is a songwriter, musician and singer. A talented individual and I hope to see him at CBS’s Season 2 of ROCKSTAR and made it to the top; I know and do believe he can. He loves what he is doing in the music industry, no wonder I can see and hear it in his music.

I think my back pain was gone after listening those Bob’s masterpiece. I like “The Easy Way (Jealous Boy)” “Yellow Jacket” and “Settle for Me” and I thought of buying a record, but too bad I didn't find one at the record store. So, to keep listening to the music, I just visit Bob’s site and play his music online. Most of his music are melodic rock with superb vocals and brilliant lyrics.

Woa!!! I’m a fan, can you tell it?

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Unconcealed: have a peep
Saturday, February 25, 2006 9:53:00 AM ×

wOw I think bob is another friend for you to be with travelling far away oceans or pa low boat like seeking that myterious sensitivity goin to the enigma of your life. Can I place my blogs over here I think I need a link with you over my blogs also, I like ur blog! ziz

Congrats bro Unconcealed: have a peep you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...