June's Wedding Party

If there's one thing we've learned from department store sales, it's that June belongs to dads, grads, and brides. But because the thought of a bride sharing the spotlight is enough to make us weep into our hankie, we're devoting our entire reception hall to weddings and the maniacal showers, parties, and other gift-giving extravaganzas that go with them. The Buzz requests the honor of your presence at this most joyous occasion. Dads and grads, please wait outside.

Regular as clockwork, all kinds of wedding-related queries have begun their annual summer-month ascent. Making an especially large commotion in search are bridal showers. Sure they're every guy's nightmare, with their silly games, chintzy prizes, and the chorus of oohs and aahs but, hey, at least the bride-to-be gets some cool schwag, right? Also marching up the aisle are wedding vows, wedding toasts, and the always handy wedding etiquette . It never hurts to brush up a bit before the big day. Generally speaking, cutting your toenails during the processional is a bit of a faux pas. Ditto wearing a taffeta unitard to church. Anything else, you're on your own.

Whether you are having a June wedding or a Christmas time reception you can find the unique favors you're looking for to compliment it perfectly. Your wedding reception favors can really show your personality and add to your theme.
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hello! na-link na kita! :)

Congrats bro barenaked you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...