On Sen. Trillanes' Accusation Against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte

My personal points on the current Philippine Politics - Sen. Trillanes Accusation against Mayor Duterte’s Bank account issues.

  • If he is indeed wanted to prove that Duterte was hiding millions of money from his SALN, let Trillanes make an affidavit and File a formal complaint against Duterte, at nang magka alaman na. Hihintayin pa ba niyang ma-elect pa si Duterte bago niya ito gawin? Or nagpapa sikat lang sa media at nang mapansin?
  • If Duterte signs a waiver to open his bank accounts, might as well all the Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates and maybe including the Senators to sign a waiver to open their bank accounts to public. That is indeed FAIR for everyone.
  • How could Trillanes’ so called “Network of Informants” gathered those data from a bank that only court order and AMLAC (Anti-Money Laundering Audit and Compliance) could give authority to check the account. Hello??? Remember there’s Bank Secrecy Law. Baka mabaliktad ka nito Trillanes at ikaw ang makakasuhan. File a formal Complaint lang ang katapat sa iyo nito Sen. Trillanes at makikita mong Checkmate na ang laro.
  • As long as it is just a piece of f*cking sheet of paper with numbers in it, I will not believe it. And who will believe a person like you, whose fame started in a rebellion against the law/government? From that Oakwood Mutiny until now, you are only doing one thing… Exposing, accusing without reliable basis! Wow, Senator Exposé! Ikaw na!
  • Hindi nyo pa nga na solve ang Napoles case at sa dinami-daming connected politicians involved, how come ngayon nyo lang nilabas yang kay Duterte? If I remembered it right, diba nanliligaw ka kay Duterte before to be his running mate? Anong nangyare?
  • As long as Duterte is not proven guilty, I would still vote for him over the other Presidential candidates. But if proven guilty of Senator Trillanes’s accusation, of course, I will change my presidential bet. Di ko naman siguro itataya ang future ng Pilipinas for my pride. In the end, we all wanted what is good for our country and we wanted a leader, a president in this case, that we believe can make the Philippines move forward into progress. But definitely, not Mar Roxas nor Jejomar Binay as of this moment.

God bless the Philippines!
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