Do Filipinos Need a Satellite Phone?

Telecommunication nowadays has been playing a major role in people’s lives. There is a constant need of people for reliable and dependable connections. According to a recent survey, in the Philippines alone, the total population is around 105Million while mobile subscriptions are counting up to 106Million. 31% of the population can access the internet. Mobile users send millions of SMS messages every day.As a result, cellphones, mobile phones and smartphones are regarded by some as basic needs. Because of the demand by the public, companies build an increasing number of cell sites throughout the Philippines. Many telecommunication companies succeeded in giving a better service to people in doing so. However, certain areas, especially those of the rural zones, still have poor to no mobile signal at all. One solution to this dilemma may be the usage of satellite phones. Satellite phones, or simply satphones, may also solve the problem of faint signal encountered even throughout the Philippines. But the question is, are Filipinos ready for this technology?

What are Satellite Phones?

While mobile and smartphones rely on on-land cell sites, satphones connect to satellites orbiting in space. Because of this, satphones are not restricted to areas covered by cell sites. Depending on the satellite used, sat phones’ coverage may include larger regions, or the whole earth.It can also access the internet at tolerable speeds. Some satphones can also be used as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot. Commonly, satellite phones’ appearance can be compared to 90’s cellular handsets but usually with a long and retractable antenna. More recent satellite phones, however, are designed to look like ordinary smartphones.

Your Ordinary Phone Compared to a Satphone.

Other than having wider coverage and more reliable connection compared to ordinary phones, satellite phones have other edge versus ordinary phones. Costs of calls by satphones are fairly cheaper than roaming calls by ordinary cellphones (GSM). In addition, whether you own an Android phone or an Iphone, one thing is for sure: It is not made to withstand harsh conditions. Satphones on the other hand can survive extreme condition, making it the perfect travel companion. Iridium satellite phones, for instance, are known to be very durable satphones and very dependable when it comes to connectivity. Iridium satphones, along with other brands, are available to the public and can be reviewed on the internet.

Do Filipinos need to have a Satphone?

Secure and strong connections in communication are really needed in the Philippines. People in the city may not need the satphone because connections are already good. But it can be an indispensable tool to others. Areas not covered by terrestrial cell sites still exist. Satphones on these areas are handy. Besides that, Filipinos are known to have a lot of overseas workers. With the help of satphones, people can connect with their loved ones at a cheaper cost. It is also a “must buy” for adventurers. Having no coverage in the area you are in can be a little distressing. With satphones, signal reception will never be a problem anymore. In the Philippines, the need of satphones may be limited to certain people but it still is a very handy tool to have. For now, people may not see the need of satphones. But in the future, it will have a vital role in connecting the people around the world.

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