Where can you apply/search for a work online, earn online and do business online?

There are a lot of freelance website where you can apply for a freelance jobs at the few freelancer sites like OutsourcelyElance, People per Hour, oDesk, Freelancer.com, and a lot more. If you happen to try Outsourcely, you can take advantage of the 30% discount on any of their plans by using the "staff30" promo code. Outsourcely is the easiest way to connect with talented remote workers from 180+ countries specializing in these skills:

  • Design & Multimedia
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Writing Content
  • Administrative Support
  • Customer Service
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Business Services 

…and a lot more.

Doing freelance online job is not just any jobs, you need the right skills in doing or applying for the specific jobs. This is not a joke where you'll just apply to any job posting on the site without thorough assessment of yourself if you are fit for the right job. Not just because you are in line with the industry you have the right to be hired for that job. You need to assess yourself if you can deliver the right output, at the right time. Online jobs are much the same as the corporate jobs in the office or any jobs around, so make sure to follow and obey certain rules and regulations.

If you are looking for a freelance online job positions, here are the most in-demand as of this posting:

Writing. Content writing are the most in-demand freelance jobs today, from writing blogposts, online articles, online news, web content, ebooks and all sorts of writing jobs are available. So, make sure to have this skills and experience before applying because writing jobs requires the right skills because you need to write 5 to 7 articles or sometimes more per day with at least 300-500 or more words per article per day, so if you have no skills in writing, I suggest practice more because this jobs can drain your brain if you have only limited writing skills. Good writers are wide readers so read first before you write.

Graphic Design. From Web designing to print designs, infographics, animated graphics, etc. This skills needs expertise so be an expert on this field before you apply because most clients will require you to submit your sample works before they decide if you are fit for the job.

Programming. Wordpress, HTML5, PHP, Mobile Apps, Plugins, Themes, CSS and a lot more. This job is for the geeks, well, it doesn't need a bachelors degree to get this job because there are a lot of self-help and online study for programming, but a college degree on this skills is an advantage but not always a requirement. Most clients are looking for the skills and the bachelors degree is just a plus. Clients are after of the output that you can submit everytime, they don't pay for what degree you finished in college, but they pay for the product you delivers. If you are not yet proficient with programming, I suggest to learn from online tutorials, join programmers forums, read and learn online, there are a lot of self study lessons you can find online.

Customer Service. Data entry, Virtual Assistance, Customer Service Rep., Web Research, telephone Customer Service, Accounting and a lot more. This skills doesn't require a college degree, as long as you know the right job description being ask from your client/boss you are good to go. But I suggest you know a lot of skills for you to land this job. Clients who are looking for Virtual Assistants will appreciate if you have endless knowledge to almost anything. The more skills the merrier the client will be.

Internet Marketing. SEO, PPC, Social Media Marketing, Email marketing, Blogging, Guest Posting, Link Campaign, Whitehat SEO, Blackhat SEO etc. This job is for Internet savvy person, you need to know how Search Engine works, knows a lot about internet, social media sites and all sorts of tools to use for online marketing. Google must be your friend here because you are dealing with the Search Engine Giant 'GOOGLE'. Online Marketing specially SEO is an on-going study job. You need to go on with the flow of how Search Engine and Social Media works for you to be updated with the right job, because once Google change, SEO and Online Marketer follows. Constant study and monitoring with the Search Engine is the key here. A lot of SEO and Online Marketer wish they know how Google works but most don't and just keep on following the trend of Google Search Engine Algorithm.

Those are just a few of Online jobs that you can apply, but there are a vast choices to work online. Just go for the one that really correspond to the skills you possess and you are good to go.

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