A lot of people who wants to try working homebased jobs are asking questions on how to get a homebased jobs, where to apply, how much is the salary etc. And when they get the job, most will only lasted for a few months and some surrenders even after few weeks.

So here's a tip from an online group of Virtual Worker. This tips are reliable since these are from the Homebased worker's comments based from their experience.

From Virtual Coworker: My first tip: Take home base jobs seriously. Allocate a space in your house where you can work exclusively. Treat working from home as if you are really working in an office. Take a bath before you start your work, clean-up your desk, schedule your activities and get things done on schedule. :)

From it2051229: Your level of productivity should also be the same as when you were working before from regular hours (8 AM to 5 PM). As for my experience, the reason why I took a home based job is not simply to have an easier work, but rather to be able take control of time and place in an environment that suits you best to become productive.

From Mary Jane: If possible, eliminate all major distractions from your workplace.

From Janette: Even though we own our time, it is important to set official working hours through out the week. This way,family members living with you in the house will know when they can disturb you and of course relatives and friends know when not to drop in for surprise visits :)

From Justin Hope: 
1. Get a stable internet connection. Mobile just doesn't cut it.
2. Get updates on Weather and Electrical disturbances.
3. Upgrade your machine if you can.
4. During your free time, research more about your job and learn something new.
5. Just do it. No reasons, no delays. Just do it.

From Marlo: Learn time management

From Joanna: Stable internet connection, time management, right systems/software in place

From Sarah Jane: 
1. Stable connection.
2. Time management.
3. Start your day with a list of tasks.
4. Track the results.
5. Socialise and enjoy. :)

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