Top 10 CNN Videos and Stories (SPAM)

It is very funny today when I opened my e-mail's inbox and found this spam mail from a certain spammer's email with a subject entitled Daily Top 10.

So, by reading the title alone I clicked the message and read it. To my surprise I read the following Top 10 stories and videos list that said from CNN. But later did I know that it is not really from CNN because it is not true and it is a spam with virus email.

Top 10 stories
  1. Bush plans to kill prisoner
  2. Obama spotted in secret China meeting
  3. Car bomb in Washington kills hundreds
  4. Blake Lively admits teenage lesbianism
  5. Kevin Spacey forced to admit to affair
  6. Internet exposes Obama affair
  7. Andre Agassi admits drug abuse
  8. Oil prices drop to 45-year low
  9. Statins reduce memory loss
  10. Bridge collapses in New York

Top 10 videos
  1. Ryan Seacrest survives California shark attack
  2. Google Knol threatens wikipedia
  3. Air force one crashes in Iraq
  4. Internet exposes Obama affair
  5. Amy Winehouse hospitalized following drug overdose
  6. Michelle Obama latest fashion disaster
  7. Obama sacks 4 top staff
  8. Christian Bale hits on Lindsay Lohan
  9. Definition of a woman’s G-spot
  10. Miley Cyrus describes her dream man
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Thursday, August 07, 2008 3:56:00 PM ×

Yes , I too got it today itself, and i thought am very adept in spotting spam mails but this was so cleverly disguised no one can make it.

It took me to a webiste, and asked if i can download an active x component, i just did and a music file opened. This is SPAM in capitals and beware not to download any active x object.

Congrats bro Denzy you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...