Season 4 Premiere of Desperate Housewives Teri Hatcher racist remark about Filipinos Doctors

Filipino-American communities in United States reacted on Desperate Housewives Season 4 Premiere episode where Teri Hatcher made a remark about Filipinos - doctors/nurses. Not only that the Medical Association of the Philippines and the Government reacted about this issue and I think that's too much.

Anyway, it's not Teri Hatcher's fault but the creator/writer of the show Marc Cherry. But Teri is what the viewer's can see as the culprit so almost everybody blamed her and Filipino actor Cesar Montano made a statement blaming Teri Hatcher and he will support for the move to ask ABC network for an apology.

It's just a desperate show aiming to collect more Emmy trophies, so I just hope we won't be that desperate too because we know Filipinos are one of the first class Doctors, Medical Professors and Nurses in the United States and around the world. There are just some flaw I can see in our local hospitals. Doctors and Nurses are not that enthusiastic to attend the patients in the Emergency rooms if they don't have any down payment cash, worst is, they just pass by and just look at the dying patient without concerns on what is going on. It made me so sad that almost all Doctors, Nurses and other Filipino professionals are going out in the country to work as operating room and nursing assistants or Domestic helpers in other countries because they can't afford to work in the Philippines with just a very low compensation for their profession.

So, to the Government Officials, I think this issue will be an eye opener and sooner or later problems like this will be taken seriously and not those ZTE scams, impeachment trials and other politicking issues .

I like this comment at Youtube...
true true, kaso, we have to be united parin kahit paano. pero hmmm, actually mas joke on them parin sa kanila ang trend, since mga physical therapists nila pinoy, nurse nila, pinoy, mga care giver nila (nakaka kuha pa ng mana) pinoy, so their sick and elderly are in OUR care...sila ang dapat mahiya.

and this one too:
Okay lang yan marami naman talagang walang kwentang medical school sa pinas eh.
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Wednesday, October 03, 2007 9:20:00 PM ×

to teri!
bitch! F.Y.I. its the "incompetent" filipino nurse who wipes your comatose
moms ass...for god know how to read so what the hell,say it?worst to the whole world......cant complain huh? dumb...
if i wer a doctor i'll drugged you to death...i just want you to know that i like you a lot...but its a shame...there goes the result of being desperate....

Wednesday, October 03, 2007 10:08:00 PM ×

I just want to post this comment from not a doctor...not a desperate housewives fan, not from the philippines:

well, most of the time, it takes a neutral person to justify what the issue is. as for the doctors in the philippines, i believe that you are hurt by the comment, but don't mind malicious comments such as that. prove your worth. as for the writer, you can come up with other lines that will not denote racism, that is, if you are a good writer. anyway your series made success not because of those kind of lines. as for teri hatcher, i think you are a good actress but you should be responsible enough to check if you should or should not deliver the lines. there may be shows and movies with racism but at the end of the show, what's done wrong is corrected or something is emphasized to denote that racism should not be tolerated. at the end of that controversial episode, did it rectify what was done wrong? teri is not the only person to blame, but the ones hurt will appreciate if the apology would come from her in her crew's behalf because he is in the limelight, and not the backroom people. believe me, you will get praises!!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007 7:10:00 AM ×

If we were offended of Teri Hatcher’s line, then by all means request all the producers of Philippine television and movies to stop making racist jokes against black people, gays, bisayans, indians (bombay), chinoys etc.