Our Best Fisherman in Camiguin Island

Last Friday, together with my brothers and sister, Mom and uncles, we arrived here in Camiguin Island, an Island born of fire as what they describe for this Paradise Island. Usually, people went here to have fun, vacation, look for tourist spots and the like. But we went here not to have a vacation and having fun but to attend the funeral of my uncle who died of complicated illnesses from having Diabetes. Uncle Dongdong is a very nice person, I can still recall when I was a child we used to visit here in Camiguin every summer and he used to let us ride on his boat because he is a fisherman. He catches all sorts of fishes, big and small… to my surprised he used to catch Dolphins before. But we cannot see our cheerful uncle anymore, our best fisherman who used to bring us fresh catch fishes everytime he went out to the sea.

We will miss you Uncle Dongdong and you may rest in peace…

This is the Catarman Public Cemetery, it has few steps before you can get to the front gate. This is where our Ancestors in Camiguin buried.

This is the view from the front gate of the cemetery.

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Couen Golez
Friday, November 02, 2007 1:58:00 AM ×

hello. are u dr. anthony golez?

wla lng.. Im actually just curious because my family name is Golez.. But i am from iloilo city, and currently working as a teacher at MSU-IIT.

visit my blog at http://couen.blogspot.com


Congrats bro Couen Golez you got PERTAMAX...! hehehehe...