Abuser! keep away from them...

Abuser! Well I think every child is vulnerable to any abuse, sexual, verbal, emotional, physical, name it a child is prone to that. I was once a child and I still can remember how our nieghbor sexually abused me. It really hunts me until this very day and everytime I think about it, I feel like I am very dirty and that is why I wanted to kill that person who did that to me but where can I find this person who sexually abuse me 20 years ago? He is nowhere to find and this trauma still hunts me until I am not satisfied that this person is suffering or die. My parents/family didn't know about this because I never told them, maybe if they read my blog then they will know.

I think we should be watchful for our children, our love ones, so that they will not lead astray into the hands of evil/abuser. We can't be sure who they are... it can be your parents, your partners, your neighbors, your teachers, your boss... any person can be your abuser and be careful for they can strike anytime. I just don't want any other person suffer the way I do because it will break your life and even lead you to something not good like you too become an abuser, a killer or sometimes you tend to commit suicide when you cannot take it. So don't let anybody take advantage of you, live free and Stop Abuse!

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