(NTC) expects slower growth in 2007 For Mobile Phone Subscriber

“The National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) estimates the number of cellular phone subscribers in 2006 to have reached 40 million but also expects slower growth in 2007 as the market becomes increasingly saturated.”

This is according to GMA news last January 9, 2007…

Do you think cellular phone subscribers will drop this year? Considering Filipinos who are keen to gadgets and gizmoz, I don’t think it will drop this year but rather increase. Anywhere you go, you can always see people using their mobile phones, in the malls, streets, restaurants, in the market place and even when you are commuting on jeepneys and buses, passengers are parading their latest brand of cellphones. That is why the theft and robbery cases increases because of the Filipino attitude of showing off their expensive gadgets in public just to be recognized. Even a 10-year-old elementary kid has cellphones, try to go to International Schools or other expensive Universities and you will see kids using it. That is why the demand for voice and text message services in the country is escalating, everywhere you look citizens are clamoring to talk or sending text messages on their mobiles. Maybe some users don’t want an expensive $500 iPhones or any latest mobile phones – they want a handset that is good for SMS, voice, and maybe a few other basic features and that is why the NTC estimated the slower growth of cellular phone subscribers for 2007, also maybe because most manufacturers nowadays are competing for a high-end features and expensive mobile phones that most users can’t afford. Ever wonder why Nokia phones are a hit here in the Philippines? It is because of its user-friendly interface and affordable price for most users.

Apparently, I think some mobile users are bored of texting using their phones and that is where chatting through IM’s are in, by using different chat services from Yahoo Messenger, MSN windows messenger, Google talk, skype and a lot more. How about the latest trend in Internet nowadays? I am talking about the blogging. Yes, it is somehow the new trend nowadays, Globe Network has G-Blogs feature in their services, which only tells us that it is the latest trend. Blogging is where you can post all your thoughts and ideas for others to read and even share pictures; in that way you can express your ideas. You can even exchange your opinions between your readers through its comment section. This trend is just telling us that we are not stuck on texting alone through cellphones, this is only telling us that we are moving, we are progressing. Cellular or mobile phones in the future will be extinct and it will be the new computer or your all-in-one gadget soon.
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