Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men --- Dafuq!?

Have you read that article entitled "Asian Women Need To Stop Dating White Men"? Well, a lot of Asians are reacting about it and that it was way too racist for them. Well, the author have some point right and others not so right. But before we (We, because I am also ASIAN and I can relate) react violently with that, just keep it in mind that it was indeed a Satirical article. I don't know why the author of the article must write a satire about WMAW or White Man – Asian Woman couples, but some say that the writer was jealous about the fact that white men are marrying or dating Asian women and that nothing left for her.

In the first place, no one can control whom you want to date or marry, so the writer must have been blinded by her desperation of getting a white man for her. I suggest she started looking for Asian men, I am sure she will not get zero because there are a lot of Asian men who like to date white women and I hope the writer won't scared if she learned how Asian men are fantasizing, exotifying, objectifying and dehumanizing white women in the minds of Asian men when they are thinking about them together in bed.  And also, don't even bother if Asian men wanted to date white chicks because of your looks, well, they just want to taste white meat. Of course Asian men and all men in the world  wanted to marry Asian women, because of their attitude, character and the ability to raise and nurture children and to take care of the family. Well, I am not saying white women don't, but most men don't think about white women that way, so, sorry. (Oops, that was satirical too. hahaha...)

Anyway, the writer is entitled to her opinion and whether its satirical or not, it hurts people too and no one can stop them from getting hurt and fight back by commenting bad about it because she (the writer) used some stereotypes that took offense to most. But seriously, what was in the article has been around ever since. You can hear comedians joke about WMAW at the comedy bar. I heard one time at the comedy bar in the Philippines when the comedian on stage caught the presence of a WMAW couple at the audience and right there they became the comedian's topic. Comedian started asking the woman if how's the life so far? "Maginhawa na ba?" "Ang bahay, napagawa na ba?" "yung kusina tapos na ba?" and "Hindi ba masakit pag nag totoooot kayo?" and everyone's laughing out loud including the WMAW couple. I think, what the writer stated on the article, some of them are true and some Asian Woman who chose to date/marry white men knows about that and they accepted that, but they just don't want to comment or acknowledge that. But in every situation there's always an exception. We cannot den
y that there are WMAW couple who are inlove with each other and I have seen a lot of them married and happy, some of them are my friends.

In the end, it is indeed a Satirical article, let's just let it pass, don't be bother about it if what was written there aren't true. And if somehow they are true for you, then, who cares? it is your life, and you are entitled to love, marry, date whoever you want, as long as you are happy, because that is the most important thing in life... to be happy of what you are doing.

Check out the writer's explanation about this article entitled "Dear Asians, I Am Not The Enemy" here.
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