Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz for Senator?

LOL! That’s the biggest laughing matter I heard this week and probably the biggest loser. Seriously? Well it is not for real, because it is just an Archbishop Oscar V. Cruz for Senator Movement Facebook page.  Cruz said that he has no knowledge about the page or even the people behind it. The page has pictures of Cruz and his books, as well as a link to his blog. (

He laughed while saying "Sana barangay tanod pero pati siguro nanay ko hindi ako iboboto."
Cruz said all priests are barred from running for public office.
"Bawal ang cleric to join an office that exercises power. That's Church law. Take the case of Ed Panlilio. He is neither in or out. Of course, he is still a priest but he cannot celebrate mass, cannot perform his priestly functions. He is on leave permanently. Masyado naman buenas yung ganun if he left his priestly functions to run for public office and then went back to the priesthood after his stint in politics," he said.

I am not so sure who are behind this but what I am sure of is that… WTF is happening to the people behind this page wanting a person like Arch. Oscar Cruz to run for office in the Senatorial seat. Even if he is not yet running for an office he is already considered a nuisance, how much more when he will file for candidacy at the COMELEC.

I am sorry but I don’t trust priests running for office in the government and even priests who keep on throwing stones to the government everytime they site issues that are not favourable to the church. I am so confused; I thought there’s a separate distance in the relationship between organized religion and the nation state or government but how come churches leaders specially in the Catholic religion keeps on pestering the government with their ruling etc.

There are numbers of people made comments on the issue of the Facebook page movement for Oscar Cruz to run for Seantor.

Carlos Celdran made a comment on the issue of the Facebook page movement for Oscar Cruz to run for Seantor and said: "For realz? This isn't a parody is it? This man is a joke."

You can check the page here: 
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