Happy Thanksgiving! or ThanksGetting!

I was still sleepy when I opened my inbox this morning to read what's new message there is for me and I have received lots of emails on my inbox subject titles are Happy Thanksgiving but one email subject caught my attention from the rest of thanksgiving emails. I came through one email entitled "Happy Thanksgetting from Kirtsy!". Since, I know it is Thanksgiving day, I was a bit confused of the title and thinking it might be a typographical error, so I opened it and read.

I was touch by the news they spread about one awesome company out there that's working hard to change the fact of reality, that most people in the world don't have the internet. Don't have computers. Don't have much in the way of advantages at all.

It's called One Laptop Per Child. And its whole mission and purpose is to get a laptop into the hands of every child in every third world country. Every. Single. Child. OLPC understands how a computer can give advantages and offer opportunities in a life-changing way. If you don't know about OLPC, read about them here.

I have a computer here at home connected to the internet and I really want to help spread the news to others who are having more blessings in their lives that this project of laptop.org is one thing they can support to give themselves a fulfillment of their life. That is to reach out to the needy people and help them get education to be a better person.

I have been always wanted to help the needy people but since I just have enough, I cannot support them financially, so what I did is... as much as possible I am willing to help through helping spreading the words and news about projects like this, letting everybody knows how to reach out to the people around the world to help.

No matter what kind of help would that be as long as you did it with your heart, that is something money can't buy. So, Reach out and support the Laptop.Org project. See, the little laptops they make are amazing. Super sturdy. Designed for children's hands. Easy to care for and maintain. And they send them for free to children around the globe. These laptops can't even be bought -- they are strictly for giving away. With one exception. Over the holidays, OLPC is holding a Give One, Get One (G1G1) promotion. You buy a laptop for yourself or for someone you love, and OLPC will donate another laptop to a child in need.

In fact, this G1G1 campaign is the only way to actually buy one of their laptops. Period. The rest of the year, they’re only available for giving. Not getting.

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