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One Blog post about Harold Ford was posted at and read some of the comments made.

The Comments...

Harold Ford is the voice of Appalachian whites everywhere.

Ugh. He is so awful.

My not-very-good-with-names husband asked me twice: "Are you sure this guy is a Dem? He sounds like McCain's campaign worker?"

good stuff, Tim. I've really grown to loathe Harold Ford.
Obama needs talkers who vaccuum up some of that slack space that fills TV news so there will be less dead air for deadheads like Ford to fill.

If Harold Ford is on the TV more than once a week, I fear I"ll strangle myself before November.
I've really grown to loathe Harold Ford.

Harold Ford is a tool.

If Obama wins - Ford, Zell Miller and Lieberman should be shipped on the first banana boat to Haifa. What a ziocon stooge piece of shit. Thank God he lost that Tennessee Senate race.

Can't blame the man for being a little jealous.
I can't believe I voted for him as my congressman. At least, he isnt a crook like most in his family.

I switched to CNN and found the coverage to be much better, for the first time all year.


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